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Prerelease Contact Volunteers

Dear Area 5 A.A. Member,

The A.A. Corrections Prerelease Contact Program connects the A.A. member being released from prison with Alcoholics Anonymous in their community. When the soon-to-be-released A.A. inmate writes us, we match that person to a Prerelease Contact in their community. If you are interested in this form of service, we will call you, get the okay, and then send you the name of a contact.

Many A.A.s involved in this service stress the importance of getting the former inmate to a meeting as soon as possible, usually within the first 48 hours after release. During this time, you help them get acquainted, get phone numbers, perhaps locate a sponsor or home group, and become connected to the local A.A. community. You introduce the newly released inmate to others in A.A. so they have a broad, healthy base.

An A.A. member who is part of a correctional facilities volunteer program needs to be familiar with, and adhere to, rules that correctional facilities have regarding a volunteer’s contact with inmates, both while they are in the facility and after they are released. If you are willing to be the hand of A.A. when an inmate reaches out for help, please email us at: corrections@aascaa.org.